Many years ago, all over the world, especially in South Asia’s northern region, there was an increase in demonic population and activities. The demons started spreading unrest everywhere so the human beings were scared and terrified of them. It was, therefore, necessary for someone divine to tame these evil demons. For this reason, Guru Padmasambhava was born to spread peace and to work for the welfare of others. In the northwest of the land of Oddiyana, there was a lake called “Dhanakosha”. A lotus blossom unfolded spontaneously in the lake, and in the center of the lotus, Guru Padmasambhava appeared. As demonic strength in South Asia’s northern region increased, Guru Padmasambhava went there and pacified many demons. He tamed evil spirits and made them promise to work only for the welfare of others. His pure devotions for others’ well-being converted Dakshinkali, Chandeshwari, Astha Bhairav and other evil spirits into Gods and Goddesses. In this way, he spread peace everywhere. Even though he pacified a lot of demons and tamed a greater number of evil spirits, not all demons were uprooted. Seven demons were able to escape and run away. Guru Padmasambhava was reincarnated multiple times, to tame these escaped demons and stop them from harming the world. Guru Padmasambhava was reborn as emperor in China’s Tang, Yuan and Qing periods and as Mongolia’s previous emperor Bogd Khan. As an emperor, he established peace and a code of conduct which everyone had to follow. Later, the power of the seven demons increased again. They became more powerful day-by-day and started spreading terror everywhere. So Guru Padmasambhava took re-birth again in places where the demonic spirits were rampant like South-East and Mid-Asia. He was reincarnated as the first Chiniya Lama, His Holiness Prince Taifosing’s son. He was born in the Great Stupa of Boudhanath in Nepal and was called His Holiness Buddha Bazra Rigzin Sange Dorjey. He taught people how to follow the dharma and spread peace everywhere. He was the second Chiniya Lama and was called the “Shining Light of Asia”.

The world today is characterized by conflict, war, explosions, famine, drought, epidemic diseases, suffering and restlessness. This is the result of mankind’s obsession with the unnecessary accumulation of wealth for the gratification of material comforts and desires. To acquire unnecessary wealth, people started succumbing to demonic qualities and traits like pride, ego, vanity, oppression, intimidation and hatred. Instead of cultivating moral virtues, righteous principles, goodwill and selfless acts that are beneficial to all sentient beings, human beings became corrupt.  Human beings should perform good deeds to promote worldwide peace, prosperity, joyfulness, liberty and a fearless environment that is free from suffering. We are fortunate to witness the reincarnation of The Great Guru Padmasambhava, who dedicated his life to the welfare of mankind, in the form of His Holiness reincarnated Guru Rinpoche Chiniya Lama, Bhupati Bazra Lama who descended on earth in April 1970 on an auspicious full moon day in Boudhanath in Kathmandu. On the day of his descent, the Dharma Gurus and Great Lamas were praying while they were placing the “Crown” on top of Boudhanath Stupa.

His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama is the great-great grandson of Prince Taifosing, the first Chiniya Lama who was appointed as a religious and spiritual leader to spread Buddha Dharma in Asia. He is the great-grandson of His Holiness Buddha Bazra Rigzin Sange Dorjey Lama , and the son of former Rt.Honorable Chiniya Lama Ganesh Bazra Rigzin Dorjey Lama. His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama is the reincarnation of the emperors of China’s Tang,Yuan, Qing and other dynasties and the Emperor of Mongolia. He is also the reincarnation of his great-grandfather His Holiness Buddha Bazra Rigzin Sange Dorjey who was the reincarnation of Guru Padmasambhava.

His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama is the great-great-grandson of Prince Taifosing who had the honor of receiving the Royal Command Seal (lalmohar) in 1854 A.D. from His Majesty King Rajendra Bir Bikram Shahdev and was granted  the authority to execute all religious, social and administrative affairs, including daily duties for all the followers of Buddhism in Nepal. He became the Supreme Lama of all Lamas and Buddhist monasteries in Nepal. He was also appointed to the post of His Holiness Chiniya Lama with the authority to collect taxes from Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Swayambhunath (the self-existent Lord) Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa and Helambu and Melamchi areas. Boudhanath was given the status of an independent city inside a state, similar to the Vatican City. Since then, only the descendants of Prince Taifosing have been appointed as Chiniya Lama.

His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama’s enthronement ceremony, “Thi Dhon”, was held in the first week of February 1998 in the famous world heritage site, the Great Stupa of Boudhanath, in Kathmandu in the presence of heads of nations, distinguished government officials and religious leaders from within the country and abroad. The enthronement ceremony was performed by His Holiness Chetrul Rinpoche and was followed by charitable activities according to Buddhist religious tradition. There was also a grand religious procession on that day. Thousands of Lamas were in the procession chanting Buddhist prayers when His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama was taken around the city in an elephant in the traditional manner, while helicopters scattered flowers along the way.

His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama’s coronation, “Urgen Pesyu“, was held at the Great Stupa of Boudhanath on an auspicious full moon day on the 18th of August, 2016. In the presence of high-ranking officials, respected spiritual leaders, and foreign diplomats, including the ambassadors of China, Mongolia and Brazil, he was crowned by his father, the former Right Honorable Ganesh Bazra Rigzin Sange Dorjey Lama, with the headgear “Urgen Pesyu” worn by Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava. While His Holiness was crowned, helicopters scattered thousands of auspicious flowers from the sky to spread blessings to religious sites like Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa, Namo Buddha, Helambu Monastery and Pashupatinath Temple. After the coronation ceremony, His Holiness was presented to the public in a procession from Boudhanath to Chabahil on a horse carriage while all the monks and the public chanted religious prayers.
The special message of the Prime Minister of Mongolia was also announced on the day by his representative, the Honorable Minister for Environment, Green and Tourism of Mon

In the 18th century, a distinguished Buddhist scholar who was also the Root Master of Japan, Ekai Kawaguchi visited Nepal during His Holiness’s grandfather Dharma Guru Buddha Bazra Chiniya Lama’s time. Ekai Kawaguchi stayed in the ancestral place of His Holiness and studied Buddha Dharma with his great-grandfather. During the inaugural ceremony of Ekai Kawaguchi’s statue which had been erected in the residence of His Holiness, His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan, the Honorable Minister of Youth and Culture, Sharad Singh Bhandari of Nepal, and other distinguished national and international dignitaries were present. His Holiness offered his best wishes on the auspicious occasion and delivered a short speech on Buddha Dharma. The 3rd  Chiniya Lama, His Holiness Punya Bazra Lama, who could speak a dozen languages, provided land for the construction of the Mahendra Boudha Higher Secondary School. A college has also been built on a vast land covering 14 Ropanies. His grandfather also provided land for the construction of monasteries, including Samteling Monastery (Mongolia), Shakya Monastery, Shechen Monastery , White Urgen Monastery, Dabsang (Kagyu) Monastery and Tharig Tulku monastery all around Boudhanath Stupa.

It is a well-known fact that His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama has played a prominent role in spreading Buddhism all over the world, and in transmitting peace and goodwill everywhere to protect and safeguard all sentient beings. He knows the importance of protecting and preserving Dharma (religion) in Nepal. He is very concerned about the development, upliftment, and progress of Nepal. He wants to make his motherland a prosperous country. For the progress and development of Nepal, all of us have to take pride in Lord Buddha as well as Mt. Everest and give both their due importance. His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama has been conducting religious ceremonies all around the world. He believes that it is his duty to participate in religious conferences and seminars held all over the world, with the objective of attaining world peace and welfare of all sentient beings, by spreading the message of peace, ultimate compassion and wisdom  through the means of Buddha Dharma. As the heart-son of Boudhanath Stupa and the authentic and genetic lineage of Guru Padmasambhava, he is a self-meditative master and it is in the nature of His Holiness Guru Rinpoche Bhupati Bazra Lama, to protect and preserve Buddha Dharma origins. This true devotion is the result of his previous karma and Dharma, and the result of his reincarnation in such a holy family to serve others. This is the reason why he knew from his very early childhood that his main motto was TO BE BORN FOR OTHERS.